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Our current job postings are:

Film Interns

We're looking for new film interns who are well organized, flexible, and have a basic grasp of the production process for commercials + feature films. Should be willing to work long hours in a demanding, fast-paced environment. On-Set and/ or Post-Production experience is a bonus. 

This will be an internship for 6 months with a potential full time position available. If you love film and have some basic work experience, then you're ready to make an impact on real projects. In the past, our interns have contributed to some of our most visible and award winning projects.

Digital Interns

We're looking for new digital interns who are creative, well organized, and have a good grasp of Adobe After Effects, Photoshop & Premiere/ FCP to work on digital campaigns. No experience in film necessary but design and/ or animation skills are essential.
Please do not apply for an internship unless you have a portfolio to share.

This will be an internship for 6 months with a potential full time position available. We help guide your career, relying on our experience in every area of the changing media landscape. 

Motion Graphics Designer

We’re looking for a Motion Graphics Designer who is excited to work across animation, interaction design, and visual effects. A good portfolio and strong technical skills are essential. 3-5 years experience in a digital agency or design/animation company required. This is a paid position. We will need you to:

- Manage campaigns and collaborators with a calm attitude
- Be current with industry trends, including specific creative projects, clients, and individual producers, creatives, designers and developers
- Have a passion for learning about and working on emergent technologies